How to apply SC Stay Plus Emergency Program for Utility and Rent assistance for Mid Carolina Members

The SC Stay Plus emergency Program is lunched by the SC Housing which is actually south carolina’s finance and development authority and through the SC Stay Plus Emergency Program, they want to give assistance for utilities and rental for those living in South Carolina who have suffered financial setbacks during the COVID-19 outbreak. A Mid Carolina member who is experiencing the above problems can apply in this SC Stay Plus programme.

This emergency program provides $267 million in rental and utility assistance to South Carolina residents. Residents of South Carolina’s 29 counties can participate and apply for the SC Stay Plus program.

But those who qualify for the participating program will receive assistance with late rent payments and late utility bill payments for 12 months and up to 3 months future rent and utility assistance.

sc stay plus

Approximately 90,000 residents of South Carolina’s 29 counties will benefit from the SC Stay Plus program. The assistance process is completed by 3 steps like applying online form or calling the support center, in person help and finally requesting for funds.

Eligiblity for SC Stay Plus program

Before saying the eligibility of SC Stay Plus program first of all we need to know that those households who are financially affected during covid 19 and those who are financially backwarded by the pandemic and unable to pay rent will be covered by this program.

  1. You’re a renter
  2. One or more from your family member are unemployed
  3. You not live in the following 7 counties Anderson, Berkeley, Charleston, Greenville, Horry, Richland or Spartanburg
  4. You’re facing housing instability because of your source of income
  5. Your source of income meets the SC Stay plus requirements
  6. You’ve faced financial hardship during the outbreak.

If you feel that all the above mentioned information is relevant to you, then you are eligible for this program.

Eligiblity for SC Stay Plus programme

Prioritized eligible households

So far we have discussed about the eligibility of SC Stay Plus program. Now we will note that who will be more prominent in this program?

  1. In this case we have to remember that those who are unemployed for about 90 days or more before applying for this sc stay plus program will be covered in this program preferentially.
  2. Those whose income is 80% of AMI are eligible to apply for this program but those whose income is below 50% of AMI are also covered under higher priority.
  3. In addition, those facing a situation in which they are in a highly unstable household situation will also be given more priority.

Assistance from the SC Stay Plus program

assistance from SC Stay Plus programme

Now what assistance can we get through this SC Stay Plus program? Let’s discuss them and see in detail how we can benefit from this program.

  • Past 12 months rent assistance
  • Future 3 months rent assistance
  • Assume we have consumed utilities and energy in the past In that case we have to pay the bill for utility and energy This program will help us a lot in paying those past dues and this program will directly pay the past due bills to the companies that provide the utility.
  • Some other expense like moving expense, hotel expense, security deposits are displaced then you also get the assistance from this SC Stay Plus programme

How to apply in SC Stay Plus

Now we will discuss how to apply in this SC Stay plus program. The process completed in 5 steps.

  1. Step 1, you have to complete form as an initial application
  2. Step 2, After completing the form you have to upload the required documents
  3. Step 3, for owner, the owner must submit the required documents to get payments
  4. Step 4, after completing the above steps you have to check your application status
  5. Step 5, if you need further assistance you can contact them or if your application is already approved and you need more assistance then you can re-certify your previously approved application.

SC Stay Plus application details

Program nameSC Stay Plus
Initial application nameERAP
Uploaded supported documents detailsAPP id or you can submit confirmation number( Contain SCE, SCERC or SCS)
Uploaded supported documents formatPDF, JPG,JEPG or PNG format supported
Uploaded supported documents sizeMaximum single file size 4 MB
Maximum uploaded files at a time5
Successful submission processYou’ve to complete the application and upload documents at a time to successfully complete the process

What type of documents are supported by SC Stay Plus programme

Now we will look at what type of documents we can upload here which are suitable for the SC Stay plus program.

documents are supported by SC Stay Plus programme
  1. Agreement that can prove you pay the landlord
  2. Applicant’s Certification documents
  3. Your Asset Document
  4. Your birth Certificate
  5. Court Documents
  6. Your government ID
  7. Hotel expenses details
  8. Your Income Document
  9. Landlord or the Owner Certification
  10. Landlord’s Self Certification documents
  11. Lease documents
  12. Ledger documents
  13. Marriage proof
  14. Medical Card
  15. Megans Law Certification
  16. Other Fees Payment
  17. Payment Processed Detail
  18. Photo ID
  19. Rent payment
  20. Social security card
  21. Tax documents
  22. Utility bill payments
  23. Zero income statement
  24. W9 form

Or if you have any other type of documents.

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I hope judging by the above information you may have understood how to fill up the online application form of SC STAY PLUS program and submit it successfully. This program is a very important step of SC Housing that will really benefit many people in South Carolina.

The SC Stay Plus is available for how many counties in South Carolina?

39 counties of South Carolina except 7 counties.

How long the application process takes for an individual?

There are no exact time frame. A high number of applicants submit their application to SC Stay Plus. So it’ll take time to process an individual’s application.

After the form submission’s last date how to apply?

A new link will generate after december 16. You can sign up their as a waitlist applicant (December 17)

If your SC Stay Plus application rejected what to do?

You can appeal within 10 days after receiving the rejection email with the cause of rejection.

How to recover SC Stay Plus ID?

Call 803-336-3420 to verify your identity to recover SC Stay Plus ID.

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